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Event: Beaufort Street Festival

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Click through for a short photo diary from our visit to the Beaufort Street Festival on Saturday.  My, how it's grown!



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Outfit: Tater Sack

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Top Portmans
Necklace Mania Mania
Skirt vintage
Shoes vintage MMM
Clutch Country Road

I must admit, after staring at the tiny camera screen, T & I were pretty sure these would end up the dowdiest pics ever.  There's something about black on black on black that photos don't do justice. However, justice has prevailed in that the photos turned out moderately acceptable... and I'll have you know that this skirt is leather and the top silk, meaning that IRL the combo is pleasing in a tactile way that only fibre connoisseurs can appreciate.




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Gifts: Handmade, Heartfelt


- stop and think for a minute -

What's your focus over the Christmas?  What are your top 3 priorities?  I doubt shopping makes anyone's top 3, and yet how do we spend our free time leading up to Dec 25?  Yep.  At the shops making use of extended trading hours.

Whilst the giving of gifts is definitely one of my favourite parts of the festive season, I have challenged myself this year to take baby steps away from this culture of crazy spending. These are some of the ideas I've come up with so far to curb the (dare I say) habit.

1. Handmake gifts
If you have the time and energy, handmade gifts speak louder than anything buyable.  You may not have a knack with knitting or sewing, or even any crafts at all, but everyone can bake if they put their mind to it.  How about a jar of cookies with a bow around it?  Or, if you're handy with woodwork, you could conjure up a picture frame or a little box for trinkets!  The possibilities are endless.  Pinterest is only the beginning.

2. Buy local
Sourcing your gifts from local makers not only supports your community, but can be a much more relaxing and sociable way to buy gifts than vying for a parking spot at a big centre.  In Perth there is a bounty of creative markets in the run up to Christmas (e.g. Made on the Left) & I'm sure wherever you live there are similar events.  The tags pictured above were hand drawn by Little Sketchy & purchased for a measly $6 at a local stall.  Compare these tags to a generic card... I know what I'd prefer.

3. Shop online
Okay, so your brother wants some new jocks for Christmas.  You can't exactly make them (please don't), nor are there many local jock artisans around, but you can definitely still avoid the rat race by buying them online.  Get your list together, purchase early enough so you don't need to pay for express shipping, and spend the time closer to Christmas doing more meaningful things than zooming around the shops.




Outfit: Bing

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Seed top
Nobody Denim jeans
Country Road bag
Anine Bing studded boots

Just when I though I'd be returning to the leathery arms of Acne, the Peachy ladies (purveyors of cool-girl-curious) secured stock of these ace boots by L.A. brand, Anine Bing.  By jove, these are some comfy boots!  It's as if Saint Laurent and Chloe boots had a very rad, bohemian baby.

Highly recommended if you're on the hunt for spangly slippers.




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Event: Revolution the Label

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Oh heeeeyyy!  Yes, I'm back from my protracted radio-silence on little bloggy and ready to rumble with some snaps from the Revolution the Label Spring/Summer launch last week.  If minimalism & simplicity just ring true to your inner self, and you don't feel the need to add other hues to your wardrobe, then Ben Conroy has cooked up a collection that you would love. 

Black and white - check.  Wardrobe workhorses guaranteed to last you through a barrage of fads - check.  Totally affordable & not as out-of-control as similar products *cough Bassike* - checkity-check!  And for a limited time only, you can check the range out in the flesh! (at Bayview Centre in Claremont)

Go on, click through for more...




Outfit: Weekends


A typical Saturday gallivanting outfit.
Stripes, an op shopped Karen Walker skirt, the best basic-but-not-too-basic flats & of course, a lazy ponytail.



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Outfit: Crop It

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Midi skirts are having a moment and there's no one more glad than I.  Now everyone hates an I did it before it was cool claim, but folks... I wore them before they were cool!  Evidence here.  Don't you love/hate it when something you've always truly loved comes into fashion & you become overWHELMED with choice?  Such a great but financially terrible conundrum.  Expect a few midi skirts around here.

Personal boasting aside, this outfit is what I wore to a Times Square Claremont blogger gathering over the weekend, the perfect place to debut my first ever crop top as well as this ohmygoodness seriously beautiful bag.

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Kookai crop top
Sportsgirl skirt
Country Road shoes
Benah x Karen Walker bag



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Outfit: Statement Denim

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There are two types of denim: basic & statement.  It takes flare (cough cough) to pull off certain styles in the statement category & T gives a good demo in today's post.  Jeans like these J Brands could easily look dated if worn in the typical 70s style, which is fine if that's what you're going for, but choosing all-black & adding a classic Chanel bag made T far from costume-y.

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lefanciulle (19 of 36).jpg

J Brand flares
Uniqlo tee
Chanel bag



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Outfit Conversion

In the spirit of an early morning pilates to work dash that requires a few nifty car changing tricks, here are a few quick tips for the classic problem that occurs at the other end of the work day.  That is, dashing from work to an event.

1 wear a convertible item, like a skirt with a zip up slit that you can unzip and a shirt that can be unbuttoned
2, 6, & 7 add some snazzy shoes to your basic work outfit
3 & 8 add a jewellery overload 
4 change your basic black top to a crop. Abs optional.
5 leave on your work clothes if thats how fancy you already are (!) - or remove a sensible blazer

We'd love to hear more tips from seasoned working ladies.  How do you do the evening dash?




Flatlay: Work It

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.12.14 pm

pants / shoes / top / watch / lippy

After a few months in uniform, it's back to proper work clothes for the rest of the year  The above is a typical combination for me, bar the brogues that I am yet to bite the bullet on.  Some people think you need to dress plainly to be taken seriously in the work place but I think if done right you can tweak your usual style into something appropriate without looking like Mr Boring McBoring.

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