Short Personal Rant: Fitting in vs Clothing integrity

There are certain occasions where I have a little inner war with myself...  Do I wear something that I would normally wear (that's the integrity brain lobe speaking) or should I dress so that I look the part (the sheep lobe). It makes me feel a little bit Jan Brady*, to be honest. 

Going to see Karnivool (a local Perth band - rock/prog metal according to wiki) at Capitol in Perth with my two older brothers was definitely one of those occasions.  Even though I love the music, it is not what you'd call "my scene", as anyone who knows me would know!

Sheep lobe: "You don't want to get bashed up by metal heads for looking like Blair Waldorf at a rock concert"
Integrity lobe: "Just wear something normal that doesn't look too out of place"

So, under the guidance of my slightly-more-hardcore-brother, I tried to go for something in between. Ripped jeans, black T with black diamonte shoulder embellishment, plain ballet flats.

Mistake #1: Not wearing a band T shirt
Mistake #2: Wearing suede ballet flats that got beer spilt on them as soon as I entered.
Mistake #3: Wearing a pretty hair clip. I got so many wierd looks.
Mistake #4: Not wearing heels/steel cap platform boots. I would estimate the average height at the concert to be 6'4"

Typical concert goer:
Photo credit: anonymous metal head fan site

*Respect to anyone who gets the Jan reference.

xx S


  1. I'm thoroughly offended. I don't wear that gear to concerts.

    p.s. the 'heading' image up top of your page is awesome! Mass props to whoever wrote that yo

  2. Yah, credit to the one and only TC for that artwork!
    And I can't ever imagining you looking like that guy above ;) haha


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