You're such a tulle

Asian fashion - my chronic love-hate relationship.  On one such day that I felt partial to the gaudy colours and cutesy cuts and styles, I wandered onto any self-respecting fob's mecca of fashion: Yesstyle.com.
As a bit of an insanely compulsive online shopper, I was instantly hooked.  Thousands of clothes and cosmetics to be found!  

Anyway, back to the tulle:
I was looking at something which had a link to tulle skirts (which I can't say I've seen very much of in Perth) and had one of those moments when I knew I had to get my hands on one for no apparent reason.  To cut a long story short, Yesstyle was all out of stock of tulle skirts.  So I got 2 off ebay instead from a seller called Dani's Choice.

Here's some preliminary shots, styled with a plain black tee (to avoid appearing like a run-away from some ballet company)

And some photos of S's chiffon skirt that we took in the vacant lot next to our friend's house:

xx T

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