Winter accessories

True, it never gets very cold here in Perth.  But what's to stop you from digging out the scarves, gloves and hats anyway?
Carrying on with the theme of adding colour to winter outfits, here's a picture-filled post featuring our favourite accessories for winter. (in other words, that means scarves)

Waterman Beach (note it was actually pretty warm despite being the middle of winter... thus the not-so-wintry looks)
Scarves and pashminas from the markets - great value for money and a good way to add colour!
Tried a circle-scarf yet?  No pesky dangly ends!  Circular scarf - TopShop
Silk silk silk!  From the markets in Bali
Neutral colours to mix and match with anything.  Scarf - Sportsgirl
Tie a long scarf in a different way.  Stay tuned for how to wear your scarf like S!  Scarf - SABA
Feeling a little French?  Add a beret! (also disguises bad-hair days)  Beret - Sportsgirl; Scarf - Balinese markets
Monochromatic patterns add some interest to a basic outfit.  Scarf - gift!
Leather gloves!
Handwarmers - Sportsgirl

S wears throughout:  Cream top - no brand; Cardigan - Sportsgirl; Jeans - Nobody; Sunglasses - "Fendi"
T wears throughout:  Black sweater - GAP; Denim shorts - Dotti; Sunglasses - RayBan



  1. Mmmm scarves, so cheap that they are easy to stock up on...

  2. Is that really a pashmina? It must be worth a small fortune...

  3. I think it is...it's so soft and waaarm!!! xx


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