Tickled Pink

Just to be a little different and extend my shoe collection from being simply black, white or brown, I decided to buy these:

As soon as I got them in the mail, I was regretting the fact I chose rose-pink (of all colours!!!) over classic black.

But they've super-comfy and they certainly have grown on me over the last week, and now I like them.
Sort of.
I think the only thing holding me back from full-grown shoe-love is the fact that I'm a little bit stumped with what to wear them with!  So I did a bit of google picture-hunting...

source: Fabsugar.com
I could take Selma and Ashley's example of wearing them with a black dress - easy!  But I do quite like the way Katy Perry has teamed her patterned dress with pink heels instead of the standard black.

source: asianmodelsblog.blogspot.com
This, however, would be my favourite look.  Not because it's modelled by Du Juan (on the right) - whom I simply adore - but because it's simple, clean-cut, and an outfit I would probably wear anyway.  And now I have the coloured heels to pull it off!

What would you team pink shoes with?



  1. I'd call them 'dusty rose' haha.
    Hmm if I'd wear them with a black flowy dress or a pair of black skinny legs with a girly top in cream or black (I'm seeing frills. Mmmm shoes!

  2. I'd pair them with something on the opposite side of the color wheel - so green. Those shoes would really work with something turquoise as well.


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