"Granny takes a trip to Constantinople"

Here's a few pieces from the recent Chanel Metier d'Arts pre-fall show.
Mr Lagerfeld explained that the season's theme was Paris-Byzance - and you can definitely see the influences here in the jewellery, palette, and the filigree headbands adorning those beehives!


As per usual, some fantastic tailoring as well.
I think I am in love with the gold dress and those stripy green pants.

Read the review and see the rest of the collection here at Style.com

My favourite blogger The Cherry Blossom Girl also did a couple of posts on the ateliers that she got to visit before the show - she has some beautiful photographs of some of the pieces above being created by the talented craftsmen.  See her posts here and here.

xx T

On a side note, I'm currently besotted with a pair of gold-glitter Miu Miu shoes which are going for a good price... Shall I buy them or not?  Even when I don't need them?
Argh the decisions!  
I'll let you know if I do bite the bullet...

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  1. I.need.that.gold.blouse. chanel did ssooo good this season!



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