Just a short post to let you all know that S is back tomorrow!!!  She's been having a whole lot of fun in Europe during the past few weeks, although I have been missing her lots...
Her boyfriend also bought her a new camera before she went, so check in soon to take a peek at her photos!

I hope the weather gets nicer soon... (here in Perth the weather's being all yucky today).  I want it to be hot   for Christmas so we can sit outside in the balmy evening weather!  ^_^

EDIT: This is S here, hijacking the blog from the ever capable T. I have been delayed 2 days in snowy London town, which doesn't sound so bad except that I miss home infintaneously (if that's a word).
Check back on the blog around/after Christmas for news of my small *cough cough* collection of loot from my European travels.
A sneak peak, you ask?
Perfect wintery Zara skirt that has had a good work out over here!

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  1. LOVE that skirt! Can't wait to see some of your other finds.


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