Mmmm macarons!

S and I wrote out a list of things we wanted to do in our summer holidays, but due to the fact that either one of us were away from home for the majority of it, we didn't get much of our list done!
However, we did do one thing...  MAKE MACARONS!  (to somewhat quell my Laduree cravings from my stint in Paris 3 weeks ago).

I was lucky to receive this book from Bec (of Fictional Reality & Pencil and Paper fame) for Christmas, which sparked off our culinary rampage in the kitchen.
(It's best you look at the macarons on the top of the pile, not on the bottom :P )

So last week we had our first attempt at making some plain mini macarons - and for our first try they turned out quite well I might add!  The texture was almost there, and the taste was just about right too.  We just need to work on shape and filling - a few minor changes to our method and I think we'll be getting some less-malformed looking ones soon! 

DSC_0017 DSC_0021
It did take a lot (and I mean a lot!) of preparation...  And that was with 3 of us doing separate jobs at the same time! (Simon was taking the photos whilst the girls were doing the hard work)
DSC_0022 DSC_0044
Everything had to be just right...
DSC_0177 DSC_0290
We did have a considerable number of failed macarons (misshapen, cracked, etc), which we christened failaroons... But we had a number of more handsome ones as well!

Team effort definitely paid off in this case!  Stay tuned for more macaron-ing in the near future - 

xx T


  1. How do you pronounce Macaron? is it Mack-ah-roon or Mack-a-ron?

  2. Mack-ah-ron :)

    Masterchef got it wrong!

  3. Yeah, if we're being legit French then it's what Sinead said. That and 'macaroons' are quite different yummy things actually :)

  4. i love macarons SO much. like addicted. i want some right now...



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