Our dear friend Erin has entered a competition to win some awesome wedding goodies, so if you could please do us a huuuuge favour and vote for Erin and her fiance Josh, we'd be so grateful! It only takes 2 seconds, only one click is necessary!

An excerpt from their entry:

"My fiance and I were in Bali on our first ever holiday together. When planning our trip the one place I had my heart set on going to was Tanah Lot; an island temple just offshore that looks stunning at sunset. Unbeknownst to me, Josh had his heart set on proposing there at sunset for as long as I’d been set on going. As I turned around after taking this photo, he was on bended knee asking to marry me. When I shouted yes, all the tourists nearby started clapping and shouting; slightly embarrassing, but definitely memorable and magical!"

xx S&T


  1. also, can i just say it is way too hard commenting on blogs. why can't it be as accessible as facebook


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