Pocket Rocket

I was lurking around Oxford Street the other night, and came across this little beauty by Pigeonhole in one of the shops (Urban Depot I think it was?):


Only $45?  Real leather??  Gold hardware???
(Sold out online in this colour?? nooooo!!!!)

Needless to say, it's one of those things which has been skulking around in my subconscious, popping up halfway through lectures whilst I'm online window-shopping...  I'm not even sure how I left the shop without it!

So now it's on my "maybe, possibly" list.  I mean, it would be mighty practical for me since:
1. I'm not actually that much of a hand-bag person.  I really like them, but I tend to run out of the house without one on most days because I really only need my phone, keys and wallet, which end up being lost at the bottom of my collection of large bags...
2. It'll be handy (and trendy) in hospital when my clinical clothes don't have pockets!  Plus I saw many a young female student-doctor sporting a small bag such as the one above...

I guess if I wanted to blow my budget (again), then this would be a suitable candidate:
Coach bag

Has anyone seen any good tiny bags like these?

xx T
(Writing this in a mid-lecture-post-lunch stupor - save me S!!)

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