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T & I are truly ensconced in our new hospital lifestyle....9-5 unpaid? Yipee! :| So our blog posts won't be as regular as in holiday time (read: we went post-crazy with daily posts), but we will be sure to keep some sort of regularity!!

The Alberta Ferretti Spring RTW 2011 collection is the perfect balance between floaty and knitted. The textures are perfect together and I'm dying to combine something sheer with a knit some day soon.
The only problem is...there aren't many occasions where this combination is weather appropriate.

So far I have come up with:
         - outdoor movies on a summer evening
         - a cool evening at the beach
         - an autumn bbq (not soon enough!)
         - just unseasonally cold summer days.

And to finish off with my favourite piece:

I can't help but wonder, though...why such a sour look? It looks like she just saw a ghost!

xx S&T

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