Loot Shoot: Weekend from Heaven

Free from the grasps of psychiatry (our last term) and with two days of freedom before the next term began, I decided to have a self-indulgent weekend... and what better to show for it than some loot?

Such a glorious weekend began with a trip to Second Time Round in Mt Hawthorn, a recycling boutique that you must visit.  It has some great items for pretty much any age; you could shop there with your mum, grandma, little sister, dog...

Then I took a trip to the New Norcia bakery for a macaron, then to the op-shop around the corner & Spotlight down the road.  Also, a trip to the Karrinyup swap-meet early on Sunday morning!!  And to top it off, a night of boardgames & general frivolity!!

The pile of loot...
Cheap Mondays (to add to my collection!) in my size for $8 at the swap meet...bargain?
Blanket or jumper? You choose.
I learnt to knit!! I have done 3 rows and am oh so proud!
Vintage wool midi skirt, I will see if I have the courage to wear it...

Loot NOT pictured:
- cream & white polka dot scarf
- plain black tube skirt
- macaron!

Want to hear the best part of all? I didn't break the bank! YAHOO :D

xx S


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