Do I dare admit...

...that I'm consider committing a crime against humanity?

It's called Wearing No Pants. Blame Olivia (below).
Some may call it 'wearings leggings as pants', however, seeing as leggings do not = pants, this is impossible.

This craziness was brought on by my lil sis' discovery of some mint-condition black Nicola Finnetti (an Aussie designer) leggings in a nearby op shop.

pic via stockholmstreetstyle

But never fear! - I will be sure to save your eye sight by wearing modesty-saving coverings on top.
I love the messy-rained-on hairstyle, don't you? :|
Thrifted Nicola Finnetti leggings, Country Road ballet flats, Witchery jumper from Second Time Round, thrifted NZ wool scarf, Cotton On long shirt, bracelet from P, Natio nailpolish.
See? No bottom in sight!

Natio nailpolish- new favourite neutral colour.
Photos taken by Mr P.

Also, you may be interested in this hilarious, but sadly necessary, flow chart.
from here

xx S

Add-on by T: the picture of Olivia Palermo has been sitting in my inspiration file for at least 2 months now and I am desperate for a furry vest!! (which I now have, and need to get DIY-ing on)


  1. Amazing find! And never fear leggings are no longer purely fashion victim territory, I think you have the legs to pull it off my dear.
    Love C

  2. ho ho ho, have I been guilty of this! Leggings as pants is a vicious debate which I personally want to stay far away from :P but there are RULES to wearing leggings as pants...

    1. They have to be thick enough to a) not be sea through and b)keep in wobbly bitts.

    2. Your have to cover your crotch. (modesty people)

    3. YOU HAVE TO COVER YOUR CROTCH!!!! (its really THAT important!)

    and see above, all rules have been followed! Well done! you are successfully wearing acceptable bottoms! (well still not accepted for most work places)

    oh and P.S. love the drapey jumper! love in influx in outfit posts girls!

  3. Ha ha ha, I noticed one of the girls in the office yesterday wearing tights, and a blazer. A short blazer. In the office.

    So jeans are out, in the office, but the boss is okay with tights??!
    Tights are not pants! Ha ha, I do wear them too, but with a long oversized tee or jumper as you have. And I agree with Laura, COVER THAT CROUCH!

    Ha ha, I must admit I can not dislike Olivia Palermo, so many people seem to google her and then end up on my blog, I don't mind the comparisons, we do look a bit similar but I am nicer! :)

    Great post!



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