A Night in Black & White

A preview of a 1950s jazz Soirée we held/attended on the weekend. It will take me a while to choose which photos to include in a full post, so for now...this is the night depicted in black & white.

Pictures taken by a few dodgy characters: PX, CQ, Mumsy vdM & others

Proper post coming soon!

xx S

PS: By the way, it is exactly one year since our premier post! I think T has forgotten, shall I punish her for forgetting our blog-iversary? ;) Oh and expect some refurbishing around here very very soon.


  1. Such an amazing night!

  2. cant wait to see the rest of the snaps! these are a awesome snaps.

  3. Hey! Blogger doesn't have a 'reply-to' comment system so I left a separate comment in reply to yours on my blog..

    Cannot wait to see the rest of the snaps from your 50s jazz soiree!!


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