Some Fresh Internet-spiration.

There are the style/fashion blogs everyone knows - think Jane Aldridge, Rumi Neely, Susie Bubble, Denni from chicmuse... and the list goes on.  Then there are other less famous but equally inspiring blogs.

Since I am always happy to discover a new obsession, I'll share some of mine in the hope they might be new to you!

A rare style blog that has no commentary except for what she's wearing. She's the master of layering!
This Time Tomorrow
Krystal has a very youthful way of dressing, perfect for us! (We like to pretend we aren't newly/nearly 21!)
Late Afternoon
Beautiful photography, awesome style, long golden hair & a pretty face makes for another great style blog :)
Meanwhile, back in Perth, T&S slave away in the hospital learning about bowels instead of designers, talking about assignments instead of shoes (most of the time), watching surgery instead of fashion shows & wearing scrubs & hush puppies instead of Marc Jacobs & Chanel.  And the funny thing is, we don't even want to trade!

xx S

PS: It's nearly T's birthday! I'd better get thinking ;)


  1. argh I feel your pain slaving away in a very un-fashionable industry! Loving that watermelon pink skirt in the first picture.



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