S's 21st... And all that jazz!

T & I have well and truly worked up this post!!  So here, in pictorial form, is a how we all celebrated 21 years of this girl (me) lasting 21 long years!  I am officially old!

The theme was a 1950s Jazz Soirée - and boy did the guests dress well and the music (imagine this) sure set the scene.

The amazing (and huuuge!) cake made by my honorary sis.  Not only did it look good, but it tasted  delicious!!
T, S & S: three inseparable girlies!
CQ's suave (non clip on!) bow tie.
That's us!  I reckon T has mastered the winged eyeliner.
Being spoilt rotten by family & friends, with the above watch being just one of the surprises!

Above photos taken by a few skilled boys & girls (thanks CQ & Mother S...), including my PX :)

Everything about the celebration lived up to my expectations - I began brainstorming the day after turning 20, so they were clearly high!  Goodness me, (sorry to gush, but...) I feel so lucky to have such lovely people around me every day!

xx S


  1. Wow, it looks like a beautiful night! Happy Birthday lovely! xx

  2. Congrats! Haha well I've your old than i must feel miserable! I'm turning 23 this summer:(! xx

  3. pleasure :)

    hooray i'm famous. well at least a part of me is...


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