Japanesey Does It

Here is a little photographic depiction of a weekend escapade themed Made in Japan. Although T & I try to keep up this stylish facade, we are actually just two crazy girls who LOVE to dress up. Especially  involving ridiculous outfits that necessitate coloured hair, false lashes and horrible clashing prints.
(and no, we weren't dressed as drag queens)

On the left: us. On the right: our inspiration!!
Thanks CQ for the photos!

We were Harajuku girls, of course! I thought you'd be confused.

On an exciting note, it's holidays next week for us!! So. Bloody. Excited.

xx S


  1. Haha! This is so cute! You two look adorable!!

    xx Aliya

  2. You guys look amazing! Definitely worth the pink hair the next day S!

  3. hahah this is hilarious! you guys look fantastic! I can't imagine myself leaving the house in such an ensemble though

    xx cindy

  4. Hahahaha! BEST. COSTUMES. EVER. Well at least until you guys try out Ganguro! :P

  5. Cute!! You two would totes fit in in Harajuku. I love the Fruits street snaps (pretty sure your inspiration pic is from that mag), I used to get a lot of outfit ideas from there!


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