Stay Winter... Stay!

These shots of Chloe Fall 2011 collection are making me really want more Winter weather! It really is easier to look smart in the cooler months, as fabrics tend to be thicker, nicer and just look better for some reason or other. It won't be long until Perth is too hot for tights & boots, not to mention that calf-length coat!

Pictures via fashiongonerogue

I have always been averse to middle parts, but I must say these pictures are quite convincing to the contrary!

In other news, today T & I had a lovely (and productive) long day with R of I Read Therefore I Am, which we will be sure to show you soon. Some posts in the pipeline include T's birthday party, our 50s-60s-70s themed dress ups from today & some relaxing holiday snaps.

As per tradition, we are going holiday-post-crazy!

xx S


  1. That model seems very angry.

  2. Haha! Haven't you heard? Emo is the in look ;)

    xx S

  3. Middle parts are awesome, and I have seen proof that you (S) can totally rock a middle part. Absolutely in love with the skirt on the right in the 2nd pic, and the black dress on the left in the 3rd pic. Too bad that a) we can't afford any of this stuff, and b) its almost time to retire the chic winter gear for our sundresses and short shorts!
    xx R

  4. Great collection- I want every piece!


  5. I know what you mean! I sort of wish I had've pulled out my grey stockings now...

    Ivory x


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