Take a chunk out of that!

I gave in a few weeks back to another pair of shoes (Yes, another pair. Don't judge me, it was a present to myself for getting halfway through our surgical rotation with 7am starts).  Say hello to the Jeffrey Campbell "El Carmen" - a whopping 5 inches of platform and chunky heel, in black suede!

I've been Instagramming the crap out of everything for the last 3 weeks as well, since I haven't had the motivation to dig out the SLR.  So you'll just have to bear with these mediocre-quality photos until I do a proper loot-shoot next week... (By the way, there's lots of loot to show you!!)

I really like how they're similar to the Prada version - seen on the who's who of the fashion pack since February.  My favourite wearer of said shoe would have to be Caroline Sieber (see below left) who teams hers up with a pretty frock.

S and I also both agree that these shackle-esque ankle bangle things are the coolest.  Time to DIY?

Tommy Ton for Style.com

Time to find somewhere appropriate to wear them...

xx T

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One more pair of shoes, or two and a half villages worth of hungry people?  I don't know about you, but the latter is much better for your conscience! 


  1. Love these! And I think the DIY golden ankle cuffs is a fantastic idea!
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    Thank you

  2. Those shoes are absolutely amazing T.

    You'd better watch out or they might not be in your wardrobe for much longer, as they'll be permanently attached to my tootsies.


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