In My Pants!

Have you ever played that game, where you put your iPod on shuffle and add "in your pants" after each song title that comes up?  Do it.  It makes for fun; reminiscent of my MySpace-using days.

Anyway, the newsletter from Gorman popped into my inbox today, tempting me with it's lure of a potential $5000 to spend on their goodies.  Enter their competition by adding to the spam pleasant inbox-fillers of yourself and your friends here.

This email, coupled with S's post a couple of days ago reminded me that I hadn't actually shown you the pants I bought from Gorman waaaaay back now (ok, about 2 months ago, which is quite a long time no?).  In fact, I don't even think S has seen them in real life yet!!  I dubbed them the "happy pants" - because that's what they pretty much are.


The Gorman "Afro" Pant.

Perfect because:

1. It sucks you in, creating the illusion of some shape (vital for me, as I am an un-toned, shapeless person)

2. Its print is simply the bee's knees.  

Ok, maybe to some (or most, I don't really know/care) it's absolutely hideous - akin to a patchwork quilt project by a grandmother on acid.
But the craziness is where it's at!  And a bit of man-repelling is always fun to do.
(oh you don't know about the Man-Repeller?  Well, you really should.  She's my favourite blogger.)

xx T


  1. Those pants are insanely amazing, I love them! I'll have to check out Gorman's online store!

  2. Good golly T, you look amazing! Very modelesque :)

  3. Love the pants, love the Man-Repeller, love this post...now to enter the comp hahaha :P


  4. I love it. (& I love the man-repeller! so so true!)

  5. LOVE these pants! they are the best! and look SO good on you! oh and P.S love the new header/logo/re-design! it's totally great!


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