Perth Fashion Festival: Ae'lkemi

The much anticipated night finally arrived...  Ae'lkemi at the 2011 Perth Fashion Festival.  T & I, clearly way too keen, trekked to WA Museum and arrived there so early we had plenty of time to people watch!
(and let me tell you, there were some very watchable people!)

The Ae'lkemi show was full of luxurious colours & materials; think cream feathers, gold python-print, chartreuse silk (September's colour!) and heavily draped black sequins.  If there were a polar opposite to jeans and a tee, it would definitely be an Ae'lkemi gown.
The jewellery, including skull designs by Teagan Sewell, long chain earrings and back adornments, was equally as unique and looked perfect with the gowns. 

Below was T's favourite dress - she had so many photos of it!
Chartreuse paired perfectly with coral pink and turquoise (must try this ASAP!)

Show-stopping ostrich feather gown above & below- exquisite!
One of my favourites, but so difficult to photograph due to its glittery-ness!

Some tribal influences with the skull necklaces and bracelets by Teagan Sewell

Apart from the clothes, T & I were both keen to replicate the elegant low ponytail style seen in the show... and with our ball coming up THIS Saturday, what better opportunity! (Grow, hair, grow!)

Some outfit photos:

Oh look, it's S going crazy with '50s style & Farrah of Distrikmode looking lovely as usual.
T debuting her mad (and rad) Gorman pants and Kim of Blonde Suburbia - how nice is that dress colour!?

Great runway photography by T. For some official photos, check our Stefan Gosatti's selection here.

xx S


  1. I'm actually in love with the beige ostrich feather gown! Reminds me of Oscars glam *sigh* haha. You girls look lovely as always :)

  2. Amazing post, and you girls looked gorgeous!! Is it kind of sad that I've been stalking your blog and refreshing it, waiting for this post?

    And that ostrich feather gown is beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

  3. my wedding dress was by ae'lkemi!
    u both look very cute


  4. Thanks girls <3

    I'm loving your PFF coverage, wish I went to more shows now! X

  5. Love your blog!!
    Visit mine and maybe we can follow each other


  6. Gorgeous shots! Really liking the detail of the collection and its softness! xo


  7. lovely post¡¡¡ great blog¡¡¡

    kisses from Mexico :D

  8. all the metallic and patterns! love it all!

    xo zebra and meerkat

  9. This is such a great post! That turquoise dress is AMAZING - my absolute favourite! Love the dark silver glittery one as well!!

    x Aliya

  10. loving those last outfit posts. the girls look crazy good!


    Bang & Buck


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