Perth Fashion Festival: VIP Blogger's Fashion Photography Workshop!

So we're well and truly into this year's Perth Fashion Festival, and from the news and photos, it's been going fantastically!  We got invited to the blogger's photography workshop on Friday run by Nikon (oh how I love my Nikon!), and it was great to meet up with the girls and pick up some tips from Andrew Voogel of the Nikon school &  Christian Blanchard (yup, this guy!  So starstruck!).  Unfortunately, thanks to our retarded uni timetable, S couldn't come to it!  Oh well, we just have to make up for it at Ae'lkemi tonight.

  Quite a This is a very picture-heavy post, but that's what you'd expect from a photography workshop, no?

Our teachers for the day - Andrew & Christian:

Hahaha a total ass-shot.  But sweet gear which would make you Nikon fans froth.

Our stunning model to practise on: Stacie
She was great, given the fact the whole bunch of us were standing around her snapping photos for a good 2 hours or so!

(Going for a masculine touch?  Why not try a men's jumper - for real!)

But of course it would't be complete without photos of the other bloggers who came along to get some shutter-bugging action :)

Kim of Blonde Suburbia

That necklace!!

So pretty...

... and such cool hair!  Can you believe it's eyeshadow?

Laura of Peanut Moonbeam Knickers
(that flame red hair is so good to photograph - I think I have about 30 photos of her!)

Chow of Heart & Bleaker
(of course inseparable from Laura)
(and wearing her Isabel Marant booties!!  Jealous!)


Killer boots

... and a chain harness!

Emily of Vintage Chic
(check out her online store for vintage goodies)

Candice of Perth Fashionista

Bonnie of Bonnie Friday
(back from NYFW, and busy blogging for Perth Now)  

Jessie of The Velvet Bow
(wearing that American Apparel jumper I've had my eyes on since January)

Pippa of Workable Fixative
(she did all the illustrations for PFF - such a talented lass!)

Arm party!

Karen of Karen Cheng's Fashion & Life
(or rather, a fuzzy shot of Karen's sexy gold and black brogues, and Pippa's blue brogues.  I never ended up catching Karen before she snuck away!)

Tessa of Tessa-Kit

With a look that reminds me of Jessica Szohr :P

And look - it's me!

Debuting my quilted leather shorts from ASOS!
(who, incidentally are now in Australia and are having a massive winter sale!)

Phew - that was a visual onslaught wasn't it?
You were warned.

There are some street-style snaps I took as well, which will be up soon, as well as some runway pictures from the Billie & Rose show!  Plus don't forget to check back for our pictures from Ae'lkemi, which is on TONIGHT.
So excited.

xx T


  1. Yay some new blogs to stalk haha. Looks like you had a great time and I'm in love with your blouse and shorts!!! Also, where are your shoes from? They're absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Trish you look amazing!!! I am looking forward to seeing your new skillz in action.

  3. great pictures !! you look great ! nice blouse, love its colour ! oh i hope to meet you someday :D

    The Endless Wishlist

  4. What a great idea, I'd love to attend something like this! Wish I had a Nikon too x Sushi

  5. I love the photossss and your quilted shorts.
    So cute!
    Missed out on pretty much the entire PFF because of mock exams, sigh! xo


  6. Andrew Voogel is not a photographer.


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