Danse Macabre

Found these BloodMilk rings via This Chick's Got Style.
Handmade, delicate, beautiful - I'll let the photos do the talking for now (there's an explanation at the bottom).

The photos of the beautiful rings are interspersed between photos from my trip to Paris in January this year.  I haven't posted many of them anywhere at all - even S hasn't seen some of my shots.  The location of the photos is from the Père Lachaise Cemetery in the 20th Arrondissement in Paris.  It's a massive cemetery, which houses the graves of some of Paris' most famous next to the moss-covered unmarked tombs of everyday citizens.  Indeed, the last photo is indeed the tomb of Oscar Wilde, covered in lipstick kisses.

Whilst I'm not one to visit cemeteries in Australia, there was something so enchanting about Pere Lachaise.  Whether it was just the low mid-morning sun and the mist rising off the ground, or the fact that I've never really contemplated death and its mystery, is something I still haven't worked out for myself.  

I was reminded of these photos by the BloodMilk rings - probably because their creator Jess has a bit of a hankering for surrealism and the macabre.  Like her, I've always been fascinated with crows (or ravens?  I'm not sure what we have here in Perth).  I admire the look of their glossy black feathers and piercing eyes, but most of all I love that they're smart, bold birds; I used to feed the ones that visited our backyard during the holidays, to entice them to come nearer for photos.  (not very successful)

BloodMilk makes everything to order, and you can check out the blog here.
Jess is such a talented lass who handmakes all her pieces. (!!!)  Each design also has a backstory, and it's so good to see an artist who truly connects with their work and explains its origins.
Move over ManiaMania and Low Luv.  It's time for something different.

xx T

P.S. for those who are wondering what 'je ne vous oublierai jamais' is, it means 'I will never forget you'.



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