DIY Manicure Time: Spotted!

Whoooo - we can paint our nails again!
(a momentous occasion, due to the fact that S and I have finished our clinical exam!!  No more clinical clothes for this year babehh!)

Pity we have 4 written exams.  Le sigh.

In an effort to motivate myself to finish all bazillion lectures on blood and whatever, I painted a coat of nail polish each time a lecture was completed.  Therefore this manicure took me far longer than it normally would.  But at least there are spots!!

(Please excuse my ratty cuticles.  Eczema totally destroys my fingers and is the harbinger of much nail-related grief.)

Too easy to do!
1. Paint nails with desired base colour (after a base coat) - mine was "Green Park" by Maybelline Mini Colorama
2. With a steady hand, dot on little blobs of white nail polish - I used the French White side of my Manicare french manicure set.  You could use a toothpick for smaller dots
3. Cover with a coat of clear polish!

4. Match your polish to your pyjamas

5. Instagram stuff for a bit to prolong procrastination time

6. Blog for a little

6.  Get back to study Trish you lazy sod.

xx T


  1. These are amazing! When I saw them on Instagram I thought they were more Sally Hansen ones - but you actually did the dots yourself! Nice work :)

  2. haha T, your commentary is funny :) super cute manicure too! Obviously we had the same idea - my post on my own manicure is also coming up this week :P hooray for no more clinical clothes!

  3. You are too cute!! I love reading what you have to say... I remember what exam time is like all too well. Yuck. Anyhoo, your names are lovely, you lovely thing! x

  4. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog!!!
    Visit my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!(follow back!)

    have a wonderful day!

  5. LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Totally inspired to do this right now!! :D

  6. cute nails! Definitely the best form of procrastination :)

  7. I love your nail art! Great tutorial :) xoxo

  8. great nail art!! the mint color is gorgeous!
    thanks for your comment!

  9. They're beautiful. (:


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