Nailing it! (with more Med Dinner goodness)

Hey Cindy - I found a photo of S & myself (full-body, posing - check!):

And also another photo of our pretty lady-friends!

Both taken by PX

*sigh* Another med dinner has blitzed past us, heralding the start of the exam period (which, for S and I, is in two weeks!!! Argh!).  I only finally managed to get these off the other day (Sally Hansen Salon Effects - see below).  There was minimal chipping 6 days after I put them on as well!

~$8 for a box of 16 "real nail-polish strips" - not cheap, but who can say no to zero drying time?

How do I make my nails beautiful, oh wise and wonderful Sally Hansen??
Find the closest fit with one of the nail strips.  Peel off the backing, fit it onto your nail, then rub it into place.  Rinse and repeat x 9.  Use the midget nail-file to shape it around the edges of your nail, et voila!  For someone who seems to always smudge her nail polish whilst it's drying, these are the perfect solution.
Highly recommended - I will be using these again next year!

Have you tried these before?
xx T

Also, just a heads up that S and I won't be posting as much as we'd like (i.e. every day) for the next few weeks thanks to exams rearing their ugly heads again.  But do drop in every so often - we don't neglect our little blog very much!   



  1. love the nail look! you girlies look gorgeous in those dresses! wish you the both best of luck on your exams! xoxoxo


  2. Love the dresses!! Your nails look so good trish!

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  4. Hahaha cheers guys, all the better to admire the dresses! Slightly obsessed with how gorgeous those nail polish strips are! 16 per pack does seem to be a rather odd number though :P

  5. aha you beat me to the punch with the review of those nail strips - glad to hear they work!!! I have all these ideas for nail art atm, always happens around exam time when I should be studying :S

  6. Where did you get them? They look awesome!

  7. What a perfect touch! You both look stunning x

  8. ooooh i've used these, i love them! good old priceline

  9. loving that white and gold dress at the top!

  10. I lost count how many times I've almost tried this but then put them back on the shelf...


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