Shanghai Nights

One of our lovely friends Jingjing had her belated 21st birthday party the other night (her real birthday was on the day of one of our exams - we hope she made full use of that birthday luck!).  It was a real treat - with so much food (as expected of any Asian party) and heaps of friends to catch up with.

The beautiful 21 year old!

Some embarrassing speeches... (mandatory.)

Followed by some heartfelt speeches which really defined the quality and genuineness of Jing's friendships!

A little Asian flavour...

With some obligatory goofing around...

Jing, we hope you really enjoyed the night, with the sheer amount of friends who came to celebrate with you a testament of your contagious friendliness!  Thanks for a great year, and we hope to share many more with you :)

xx S & T

PS: Check back tomorrow because we have something exciting in store!! (May or may not be a give away...)


  1. Wow definitely loving the the snowflake lights and chinese lanterns, so pretty xx

  2. i love the purple dress with the zip on the back!
    ciao from Italy!
    Guenda http://guendastoptoptips.blogspot.com/

  3. so beautiful and so many beautiful people!

  4. slightly obsessed with that purple dress! the lanterns are gorgeous as well

  5. I enjoyed those beautiful photos!
    The purple dress is so gorgeous and I want to wear it!

  6. I only just found your blog... and it is divine! I am amazed by all the gorgeous things you write about (especially the DIY).

    Your newest fan!


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