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When I get ready for early starts at ungodly hours at the hospital, the first thing I neglect on a regular basis would be my hair, which tends to take on a greasy and sad-looking appearance after lunchtime.  Well, next year, mark my words, THIS WILL NOT BE SO.  I will attempt to look like I've made an effort.

But due to my aversion to brushing my hair, messy-chic will have to do.  Which is why I want to make this my go-to hairstyle - the messy beehive with a pony.

Messy Beehive with a pony 
Perhaps it'll get me motivated to step out in nicer ensembles, a la J Crew.

A Cup of Jo does a nice tutorial - you can read her instructions here.  Or try and work out what she's doing in the picture below:
Messy Beehive with a pony tutorial
The NY Times also has a nice tutorial here, which is a bit more bee-hivey.  I'll save that for days which need a bit more glamour.  Perhaps not today, since it is humid and raining.  Nonetheless, I am dying to go to the harbour and skulk around with a cup of frozen yoghurt.  Living the life, hey?

xx T


  1. I've seen that tutorial :D Can't wait till my hairs longer for it.

    Castle Fashion

  2. This is such a perfect easy hairstyle! I love this. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  3. Ooooooooooh any idea where those peplum shorts are from? xxx


  4. Hey Anna, I'm 100% sure they're J Crew!!



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