Review: Kev and his Colour Bugs

Your eyes were never meant to see these sneaky photos that T took of me after what we will now call The Colour Bug Incident, but there are two reasons they're here anyway:
1. The colours turned out super cool & who knew the towel would match the hair and the lipstick. Oh Sheriden, you're such on trend colour-wise.
2. We promised you holiday insanity, and these odd facial expressions deliver the goods!

(seriously cannot believe i'm letting these go on ze internet)

Colour Bug Review
T & I (and my sister actually) well and truly built up these colour bugs.  The whole way through exams we were looking forward to trying it out - so perhaps keep this in mind when reading our review!

We bought pink & orange @ $24.95 each.

We watched his video & followed his instructions, but the colour bug just did not give the intense colour we were looking for.  On both my medium-brown and T's very dark brown locks, the colour was more like a tint.  This could be due to not using Kevin Murphy products on our hair before application or something else, who knows, but between the both of us we used a lot of different products and it just wouldn't stay put.

The colour turned out pretty cool & we had a lot of fun trying it out, but... overall we found the colour bug much more difficult to use and fiddly than what it looks like on the video.  Not to mention the whole bathroom was pink afterwards and it would not stop shedding all through the night!!  Also - more than half was used on just one occasion...

Would we recommend this product?

Yes... if you have light hair, a lot of patience & an industrial strength vacuum for your bathroom, this is something that could work for you.  (Just see Kim's results, which are pretty darn sweet).  However, T managed to get a similar result with some cheapo coloured hairspray ($6 vs $25) - it was just as messy to apply but much nicer on the pocket, with many more applications possible.

I guess we'll just have to commit and dye our hair the old fashion way, eh?

xx S&T


  1. So good to see you girls having fun with coloured hair! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Ah, sounds like it was really messy... and a little disappointing. Good to know not to waste my money on that stuff ^^;


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