Clinical Essentials - In the bag!

So...it's Monday. AGAIN! Why do Mondays come around seemingly more often than Fridays?!

Anyway... again this is not your usual what's-in-the-bag post.  S & I have discussed on many occasions how difficult it is to find a good bag with enough pockets and compartments to take to the hospital every day (whilst not breaking your back).

Behold - my current daily bag:

Behold... the contents of said bag...


Mind you, it's taken a year to work out what to bring and what not to.  It's also taken a year to work out that bringing a larger bag is not exactly practical at most times, especially when you don't have a locker or a safe place to put it!

So, to help S (who is obsessed with finding *the perfect* bag) & anyone else hunting for a clinical bag, we've taken some of the work out of the search for you.  Some may be more in the dream-bag price category, but others are definitely within our grasp!  We've also thrown in a few more colourful options, since black gets rather boring.

Clinical Bags
R3: J Crew Edie Shoulder Bag  -  See By Chloe Poya Tote  -  Fossil Sutter Crossbody  -  Mulberry Postman's Lock Bag

Any suggestions welcome for good, solid, small satchel-type bags are welcome!
Donations to the S-Wants-This-Bag fund are also very welcome.

xx S&T


  1. Oooh that pink Fossil bag is super cute! Now, if only I had $149 to put down on a bag...

  2. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

  3. I love the Asos leather satchel, I wonder if it would fit my shiny new laptop since I have to take it with me everywhere!
    Hmm maybe some research is in order!
    Gems x

  4. The Reed Krakoff is amazing! Digging the J. Crew ones as well.


  5. I agree that finding a bag (and working out what is essential to take to the hospital each day) is frustratingly difficult! I have been on the hunt for about a year now - ever since our lockers were destroyed. This is a help, so thanks!
    -Sarah x


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