Freshening Up

I'd like to pretend it's not true, but uni starts back for us in a couple of weeks & we'll be straight back into the hospital... meaning straight back into clinical clothes & bare nails. Noooo, shaggy, noooo!!! [random Scooby Doo quote]

Cute blouses are my favourite- and possible the only- way to freshen up a basic black pencil skirt, with spots being one of the best!
Screen Shot 2012-01-06 at 5.03.49 PM

Get the look
Sportscraft spotty blouse here
Sambag shoes here (on sale!)
Saba skirt here
Ripcurl bag here (since when did Ripcurl have such nice bags!?)

xx S


  1. cute combination.


  2. some "i'm about to start fourth year and freaking out" questions ...

    1. does bare nails = no clear polish allowed?
    2. is it cold enough in hospitals to even want a cardi on summer days?
    3. where does your bag go when you are at hospital all day? do you have to carry it around? wondering how much bag size matters!
    4. does your hair have to be up all the time?

    aside from those questions, your posts on clinical clothing have helped so much. thankyou!

  3. Hello Anonymous :)

    1. No polish at all- the chips harbour bacteria (apparently)
    2. You wouldn't need a cardi on, say, a 35+ day but it is a LOT colder in hospital than out, so you're safest with one!
    3. You can dump your (big) bag in the nurses' station & usually bring a small sling bag to carry phone, wallet (& valuables), oxford handbook, steth, etc. Or just bring a medium sized one & carry it around...but it's a pain!
    4. Nope, your hair can be down, but neat/pulled back kind of thing.

    Hope that helps!! That's probably the first useful comment reply I've ever done haha :)

    Steph xx

  4. And PS: If you like these posts then we can keep doing more if you like! x

  5. Any ideas on where to buy properly sized clinical pants? What is a girl to do when a Country Road size 4 is too big (and not for lack of rump)?

  6. I think these posts are fabulous and wish there were more blogs where I could find fab clinical clothing inspiration :-)

    And I'm soo disappointed about the nail polish rule!!!

    Are there any rotations where ballet flats won't be "closed in" enough i.e. you need proper lace up shoes? I'm starting with surgery!

  7. @anonymous- T finds online shops (e.g. Yesstyle or Asos petites) are best for tiny people clothes. Most 'actual' shops have such vanity sizing these days!

    @jocelyn- I always just wear ballet flats, EXCEPT for Surgery. You can wear normal clinical clothes (as in ballet flats) to the hospital but then bring some running shoes/sneakers in your bag for when you change into scrubs. You could always try wearing brogues for hospital as well, they're quite popular.

    Steph xx


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