A Lovely Girl

They sure hit the nail on the head with this shoot title.  The girl, the clothes & the photos are just lovely!

The styling encapsulates one of my favourite styles, which I have named expensive-casual...  it is so much more logical than expensive-black-tie.  I mean, why spend $500 on a dress for one night when you buy your every day wear from [insert cheap quality shop here]?  Totally illogical.  Let's start an expensive-casual-revolution!

Image from FashionGoneRogue

See the rest of the shoot here.

Lucky Northern-hemisphere readers can already copy this outfit! Meanwhile, I'm sitting here typing in bathers & a cotton dress positively sweltering...

xx S


  1. Truly lovely. As an American, I am wondering what "bathers" means? Is that what you call a swimsuit? That's my best guess. And as for luckiness, I'd be happy to trade you weather. It's cold here and I just want to wear my summer clothes again.

  2. Hey Jay, yep bathers are the same as a swimsuit/togs/whatever other countries call them :) xx

  3. great look"""

    xoxo from rome

  4. Oh she is gorgeous! And you're so right, why do we spend more on one-timer outfits than everyday wear? Very illogical.

  5. I too am digging this new wave of good quality and more expensive casual clothing. Designers like Acne and Alexander Wang. More expensive materials such as pure wool or cashmere, but that last longer, too. I keep hearing this quote (I think I read it originally in this 60s book about elegance) that says that true luxury is only perceivable to the wearer. I think that's true here! xx tess


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