New Year's Resolutions: Get Fit

I need to get fit.

Which is exactly why I bought these.


2 and a half weeks of sitting on a bus, eating junk food every day did nothing for me in China, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy some running shoes whilst in Malaysia.  Lunarglide 3's for about $100 Aussie dollars?  A total steal!  (yup, shopping in Malaysia is CHEAP.)


Hopefully the funky blue colour will get me motivated to go for a jog after I get home from uni this year - I'll definitely be needing it to de-stress.  (although S might argue that I'm not exactly a stress-head at all.)  Maybe I'll also achieve what we refer to as the "beach babe" body in time for next summer, seeing as I totally bypassed it this year.

Uni is starting for S & I on Monday- everyone says it's the hardest year of our course, so wish us luck as we battle through!

xx T


  1. Pretty shoes T! The blue looks so vibrant in your photos :D

  2. ahah those look cool! i decided to get fitter too this year! i've been picking up running (went for a run yesterday, literally had to drag the dog ahah) and i signed up to power yoga classes too!
    i hope you manage to keep up to that resolution of yours! good luck!xx


  3. LOVE those runners!! My new years resolution this year is to get fit too! I want to lose 10 kg and be able to do the splits again... we'll see how that goes! hehe good luck to you!



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