New Year's Resolutions: Quality Over Quantity

S & I have discussed this topic at length over the past year, and it seems that our blogger pals share similar thoughts to us (see here and here).  It is high time that I stopped wasting my money on pieces that are poor in construction and quality - yup, I'm talking to you, chain-store polyester!

Usually after my huge annual wardrobe clear-out, I'm tempted to restock as quickly (and as cheaply) during sale time.  However, I kept my quality over quantity mantra on repeat inside my head as Simon & I browsed at David Jones.  After much deliberation, I ended up walking away with two pastel jumpers and the most comfortable pair of loafers (suitable for clinical wear too!).

Leather Milana loafers
Pastel pink and aqua Polo RL jumpers, thanks to Simon's insistance that I should wear more girly colours.  
Little does he know that pastel is IN!

True - the total cost of these three items would have equated to some sort of rabid shopping-spree at Supre, but being the material-snob that S has transformed me into, I can happily revel in my newfound investment pieces.

What is your opinion on the quality versus quantity argument?  Will you be making it one of your New Year's resolutions like us?

xx T


  1. liking the shoes and the sweaters


  2. So with you on that one babe. Did a massive clear out the other day of all the rubbish in my wardrobe. Quality all the way....and it lasts longer which is a huuuuge bonus!

  3. I think quality over quantity in all facets of life is a wonderful attitude to take but especially in fashion when it produces such purchases as the above - so so so gorgeous and you've inspired me to go quality over cheapness when I finally committ to finding me some darling loafers. P.s Simon obviously has fantastic taste too! :)

    Anna xo


  4. I'm definitely with you on quality over quantity! Deadfleurette has been such an inspiration x

  5. I absolutely agree. I've been trying to prioritize quality in my shopping as well as extending it to my DIYing...as in I'm trying to focus on turning out only high-quality stuff instead of rushing my way through each project the way I often do! I love your choices here - super chic!


  6. So do I, I stopped myself from even going into less quality oriented chain store to avoid regretful buys, focusing on recreating a quality wardrobe.

  7. I have always stuck by quality over quantity when it comes to shoes or handbags. When it comes to clothes or jewellery though I fail miserably. I'm a terrible thrifter due to having a short attention span, not-so-usual clothing size, and having no sewing skills whatsoever. Because of this I always find myself in the el cheapo chain stores to buy clothes as they're the only ones I can afford on a regular basis. Perhaps when I stop being a student and start earning a real income I'll be able to be more diligent...

    Miss Holiday

  8. So I'm not the only material snob out there? Hoorah!!


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