LMFF: Megan Park

S & I didn't follow the LMFF program nearly as much as we did for NYFW, LFW and PFW, but when we did feel so inclined, Westfield's Shop The Runway program was definitely the go-to.

Here's the Megan Park show featuring her AW11/12 pieces:

I can't say I've seen her work before, but from the runway and her look book (some pics below), it's got me wanting the winter weather to descend upon us soon.  I have a sneaking suspicion that black with lots of embellishment will be my go-to ensemble this year.  A little turquoise won't go astray either!

Sequin jewelled dress

Guess what?  The best part is that you can get most of the pieces online here!
(Perfect, since my DIY capabilities probably won't extend to making one of those Elab necklaces.)

xx T


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