T&S' Aims for March

T & I have created & committed to buy-nothing-March. This is the big Daddy of Buy-Nothing-New month, which didn't really stop our shopping at all... Instead, it encouraged us to go op shopping, ebay-surfing and recycling-boutique-bingeing.

To start the month off well, I have spent most of today (a public holiday in Perth) getting rid of things I barely wear... to my horror/delight, 3 bags are now waiting for delivery to the charity bin!


The Pact
Buy nothing. 
(excludes birthday presents/basic human necessities/things to finish off half-done DIYs)

The Aim
Spend March emptying cupboard & getting rid of junk, instead of clogging it with more junk.

The Reward
- A cleaner closet
- Money & time saved
- A simpler getting-dressed process.

xx S


  1. Love your succinctly stated aims - can't wait to see the creativity this month unleashes! :)


  2. I've just done a giant clear out too- I used a pair and a spare's wardrobe rehab for guidance! It feels so much better doesn't it?
    You know I adore your blog and I would love to know a little more about you two so I've tagged you in the 11 things tag. You can find the questions over on this post on my blog
    I'd love to see your answers!

  3. Oh you go girls! In fact, you've inspired me. When I find some free time (aka. not working or blogging - which is never by the way) I am going to take some inspiration and do a clean up as well.


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