Bag Dilemma

Due to the state of my current uni bag (which is actually only half mine, cost €9 & is yucky synthetic), I am on a search for an affordable new bag.  It needs to be hard wearing, good quality & fit enough without ruining my back.  

We posted a while back here on the same dilemma, but I thought I'd so some more current research...

Screen Shot 2012-04-14 at 9.36.55 PM

Top Line
Boheme brown leather satchel here $99.95
Tikah tin soldier (buckle) satchel here $189.95
ALDO Stripe satchel here $66.28
Bottom line
Topshop spotty shopper here $32.00
Leather perforated shopper here $150.00 (black or tan)
Cream & black shopper here $76.00

This new bag is going to be purchased as a reward for clearing out my bag-stash & when I have the funds!! (if I ever do...)

xx S

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