Hendrik Vermeulen at PFW

Thanks to the PR that Perth Fashion Week had, a whole lot of Perth bloggers (us included) were extremely peeved off last week when we all had our media accreditation rejected.  On the day that fashion week was supposed to start.  (talk about late notice!!)

Turns out, it was for the best, since S ended up going down to Dunsborough on the weekend for some R&R and I had a 12-hour hospital shift that couldn't be shifted.  But nevertheless, the extremely late noticed caused us a lot of angst just waiting for the yay or nay.  Let's just hope the first-year glitches get ironed out, since lending support to PFW is now no longer as high on the agenda as it should really have been...

Anyway, Farrah of DISTRIKMODE had some spare tickets for a couple of shows on Saturday, and I was in the mood to practice my shooting (as was Px - a link to his photos will be up soon).  Here are some photos from the 1pm show (which was really a 2:00pm show) we saw by Hendrick Vermeulen.  He seems pretty obsessed with textures and evoking thoughts of nature - see that last dress for a prime example.

I wandered lonely as a cloud?
My favourite dress of the show - rendered marvellous in billowing purple silk


Earth, sand and sea

Thanks for the great show, Hendrik Vermeulen!
Check out the rest of the pictures here, and tune in tomorrow for some pictures from the Gabriel Lage show (you're guaranteed to love it).

xx T


  1. haha I am with you on this one! Was right ticked when I got my rejection e-mail the day Fashion Week started! Next year it is girls ;) Great shots either way, and thanks for the recommendation on Twitter! xKx


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