Right on Cue

I felt a little down yesterday after realising a fair few of my upcoming weekends would be eaten up by delivering babies.  So I walked into Cue (big mistake) and saw this fuzzy mohair cropped jumper.  Sadly for me (and happily for my wallet), they had already sold out of my size in orange!  :(

Cue Jumper

I guess I could've gotten it in teal, but the orange was just so much cooler.  It was so soft and lush - I swear I was dreaming about it last night.  

But of course I didn't walk away empty-handed...  Pics of my loot will be up soon, but I'll give you a hint - our colour pattern of the month might give it away.  

xx T

P.S. sorry for the lack of posting/original photos lately - we've been swamped with other stuff to do, and to top it off, we're now onto our obstetrics & gynaecology rotation!  Expect an explosion of tweets and Instagram photos when we deliver our first babies!!


  1. ooh pretty!! :)


  2. Haha that must be a wonderful dream, cheer up you'll find perhaps a similar one, wuhuu I looking forward to the baby photos!

  3. I have fallen in love with this exact jumper! How divine is the shade of orange?! I'm sure you'll find it in your size in another store!
    Will you really be spending your weekends delivering babies? That's so special, you guys are really getting hands on experience!


  4. Looks so Pretty!

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