Coachella Street Style Inspiration: Sunglasses

So...  Is anyone else stuck in Oz jealous of how cool Coachella looked/sounded?  The constant Coachella -soaked feed from my Instagram made me want to be a part of it (despite the fact I really do despise music festivals in Perth).  I have a feeling it's because a fair few cool bloggers went along...  Not to mention a number of people seem rather dressed up for it!  What happened to the bum-showing shorts and bikini tops?

"Coachella" collage by me.  Photos by Mark Iantosca

From last week's Refinery29 street style round-up of the first weekend of Coachella, there were many a fashionable lass spotted in the valley's greens.  Perfect for some street style-inspired sunglasses-spotting, seeing as I've decided my two staple pairs of RayBans just aren't going to cut it when Summer rears its ugly head again.  Of course, classic aviators make their appearance, as well as this year's continuing trend of round frames.

If the money-clouds decide to rain down on me, then the shortlist in the sunglasses-department includes these Miu Mius, or these Tom Ford babies.  Oh, and the Karen Walker Number Ones in black and green (although those might have already sold out by now...).  Seeing as I'm surprisingly not one of those people who sits on or constantly misplaces their shades, I reckon it'd be high time an investment purchase was made come next season.

Got any suggestions for sunglasses I should consider?

xx T

Note: This is an entry for the Sunglass Hut Inner Circle Nuffnang Fashionopolis competition.  
(try saying that quickly)
Edit: We won!! Off to Melbourne, wooo!!


  1. Hahaha i didnt notice the photos write coachella at first and i thought there was a pb with my computer hahahahahaha cool post!


  2. my fav is that Karen Walker is imazing


  3. I absolutely adore Coachella fashion, and I don't know about you ladies, but I'm thinking the weather is probably a little cooler there? Anyway, I reckon I'll be taking inspiration from this post for Groovin' the Moo in a month!
    And yep, Karen Walker sunglasses continue to be a favourite!


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