The Boy's New Loafers

Without knowing it, Simon's probably one of the few people I know who's successfully adopted the quality over quantity mantra this year.  A proper job minus the penchant for clothes in general means he only buys what he thinks is best, when he absolutely has to.  Recently, he bought these loafers on sale at Xile and finally debuted them on ANZAC day.  He'll insist I inform you that they are indeed leather, and handcrafted in Italy.


As you can see, we had a great time messing around with the camera on his deserted street.  I might have to get him to debut more of his new stuff more often for the blog!

Ever-ready with a pose, Simon styles his new shoes with:
Shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren
Shorts by Polo Ralph Lauren
Glasses by Bulgari

(and you thought we were the brand junkies...)

Much improved in style from his last feature as a guest blogger, no?
(and look how far this blog has come!)

xx T


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