New Times

Apart from showing you multiple pictures of my face, this post does have some other purposes. (scroll down to read)


#1  This new lace top from Dotti that doesn't look too "Dotti"-ish.
 (Nothing wrong with Dotti, it's just that I'm not a teenager anymore & feel the need to move on...)

#2  I have new hair! As well as a chop, the hairdresser lightened it a bit to suit my blonde moments ;)

#3  T put her heart-shaped-bokeh-filter (tutorial here) to use again in these pictures.

DSC_0303 DSC_0311DSC_0309

Lace blouse- Dotti
Jeans- Cheap Monday
Shoes- CR

I should probably stop wearing these jeans in every outfit post...

xx S

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  1. love your hairdo :) and the top is nice too..collar and lace..nice combo :)

    x SunshowerLover


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