One dress, Two ways

This is a new kind of post for us, hope you like it!  The full outfits are after the jump :)

Screen Shot 2012-05-27 at 4.28.04 PM

This tulip-shaped lace dress from Zara was a gift from T's papa when he was travelling recently.  It is funny how the same dress can look quite different on 2 different people plus some simple black accessories.

S' Outfit
Outfit Photos (9 of 38).jpg
Outfit Photos (10 of 38).jpg

The dress & high bun made me look like a seriously giant cupcake... so why not pose like one, too?

Outfit Photos (8 of 38).jpgOutfit Photos (7 of 38).jpg

Zara green lace tulip dress
Thrifted black belt
Sportsgirl socks
Country Road boots

Thank you T for letting me play dress ups in your new dress!

T's Outfit
Outfit Photos (5 of 38).jpg

Here's the back of the dress, just to show you the demure V - not too deep, but not too high either!
And it's dressed down (again) with a simple black long-line cardigan and some ankle boots.  The cardigan also takes away from the boxy neckline of the dress, so if you're worried about looking like you have swimmer's shoulders (as I was lamenting to S) this would be a good solution.

Outfit Photos (4 of 38).jpgOutfit Photos (3 of 38).jpg
Outfit Photos (2 of 38).jpg

Zara green lace tulip dress
Sportsgirl longline cardigan
DIY glitter heel boots

By the way, our style idol Princess Kate has the black version of this dress... which we have decided makes us super stylish by proxy.  Can't wait to ditch the casual-wear and dress it up for a proper occasion - more photos guaranteed!!

xx S & T



  1. I love this kind of post, you should do them more often! Both the outfits are absolutely gorgeous... though of course, being such a girlie girl, I'm a little bit partial to S's more retro-styled option ;) Now if only a Zara would open up in Perth so I can snap this dress up for myself! xx

  2. you looks amazing ladies !!!
    but i perfer the first look :)
    come check out my blog

  3. Lovely post idea! I have this dress in black - Kate Middleton wore it in December so it flew off the shelves! xx

    South Molton St Style


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