Silky Sweetness at L'Avion

If you've been reading Le Fanciulle for long enough, then you'll be very aware of the fact S & I have a bit of a penchant for things when they're made out of silk.  You'll probably even know about S's scarf-drawer dilemma...  (read: overflowing with silky goodness)

Anyway, we've been tempted afresh by these gorgeous Spring/Summer '12 designs released by L'Avion in collaboration with the talented artist and illustrator, Cate Parr.  Four new watercolour scarves, featuring paintings of Shanghai, Moscow, Venice, and Marrakech, make up their newest collection, "The Sojourn".  Established in 2011 in Sydney, the folks at L'Avion have been busy working with artists (including Kelly Smith of Birdy & Me) to produce stunning accessories in unique designs.  My personal favourite of all the collections so far has been the Tokyo scarf from the Fashion Cities range - the illustration and colours are just perfect!

To show off some of the new scarf designs, I couldn't resist making some collages out of the exotic pictures that were in the look-book.  Enjoy!


Seeing as it's (finally) cooling down in Perth, I predict our scarves will be out to play soon.  Prepare yourselves for the silky-onslaught of our outfit posts in the near future!

xx T

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