June Colour of the Month: Grey Marle

Grey Marle.
An under-appreciated colour... or should I say lack-of-colour?  If white is all colours & black is absence of colour, but grey is a mix of the two, then what is grey!?

*brain implosion*

Outfit Photos (18 of 38).jpg
Outfit Photos (20 of 38).jpgOutfit Photos (26 of 38).jpg
Outfit Photos (21 of 38).jpg

Skirt - TheVelvetBow vintage stall
Plain black tee & scarf - old
Cardigan - op shop
Boots - CR
Bow - made by T

As much as I love beautiful photos, I'm a bit tired of browsing outfits online that could never be worn in real (i.e. non-blogger, non-fashion-week) life.  This post is an attempt at a "normal person" outfit, hopefully without being plain old boring!

xx S

PS: To remind you we're truly insane...

Outfit Photos (25 of 38).jpg



  1. Cute - very foresty colours, looks fab! Have an awesome weekend xxx

    South Molton St Style

  2. Very stylin!

    The last pic is most excellent too, hehe ;) x

  3. Cute outfit! You look fantastic and I love the way you wore your scarf xx

  4. I LOVE grey marle! I usually wear it in a much more casual way so I'll definitely have to save this outfit for inspiration, you look awesome! x


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