Like a Lion

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Why hello there.

Crisp mornings + no patients to see = bring out the fur.

I was wonderfully snug in my snood (one of our first DIYs on this blog!), even on the long early-morning walk I took from the free parking to the hospital.  Looking like a lion was usually reserved for my over-seas trips to cold countries, but since Perth has finally picked up on the fur-trend, I can now snood-up and not get strange stares from the general public.  

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DIY snood (see here for our tutorial)
Sportsgirl turtleneck sweater dress
Topshop coat
Scanlan & Theodore belt
Betts boots

xx T

Next party costume perhaps?


P.S. Going to the "Made on the Left" markets tomorrow to check out da goods!  Something to do in Perth on a lazy Sunday :D  


  1. Love the Snood, T! This outfit looks absolutely baben on you! xx

  2. The snood is so cute & I know what you mean about people in Perth giving fashionable people strange stares haha.
    The last photos made me laugh.


  3. I love this look! I for one would stare... but out of envy at the coolness :P

  4. Love the DIY, good work! I can not believe that perfect winter dress is from Sportsgirl! I love a long sleeved dress, they are one of those 'things' I always look out for/ design into my costumes!
    Great belt too.
    Ha ha, the photoshop lion pic is too cute! Fun!



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