This was a Michelin-man-style outfit I wore last week for a day of lectures.

Sinéad & I tallied up the layers between our skin & the outside freezingness...I think we each had at least 6.  We Perth-ites are clearly not used to the cold.

Le Fanciulle (1 of 9).jpg
Le Fanciulle (5 of 9).jpgLe Fanciulle (3 of 9).jpg
Le Fanciulle (2 of 9).jpg
Dress- Massimo Dutti from Recollections
Trench- Bluejuice
Boots- Country Road (told ya they'd be seen a lot)
Scarf- old & worn every second day

To reward the loyal lefancypants readers who read this far down, I have a funny story for you:

T & I were taking these photos across the road from the hospital & a young guy walked past (up that ramp we were on) and, whilst seriously smirking at us, asked if we were having a fashion shoot... and we just looked at each other and thought where to begiiiiin!?

(ok that story wasn't very good, apologies)

(in fact it was about 0% funny)

xx S


  1. Good outfit. Not-so-good funny story. Kidding, that was pretty funny.

  2. Oo I rather like these boots... Infact I like this whole outfit in general! I actually miss being at uni purely because I could wear what I wanted. Haha and I hate annoying people who interrupt public outfit shots!

    Shell xx

  3. hahhaa i thought it was funny! Yes, like when you were introducing yourselves at my bday.... where to begin......

  4. I really like this outfit! Your look great and I'm super jealous of the way you tie your scarf. It looks really cool and like it actually keeps your neck/chest warm (something that never happens even when I wear a scarf).

  5. Those boots are pretty rad. I don't mind seeing more more more of em!

    ▲ Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE


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