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Meet my latest addition to my pony-hair collection: these dark green Wittner slippers.  I had been waiting for these to go on sale for ages (seriously, why pay full price for anything in Perth?) and when they finally did, they were a hasty addition!

Not exactly the most sanitary shoes to wear to the hospital (I'm sure the fur has trapped every sort of bug already), but they're featuring in a clinical outfit today because S & I have taken to sneakily shooting in the park opposite the hospital during lunch breaks, just to deliver you with the goods.  Strictly weekend-shoes they shall be.

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Wittner green pony hair slippers (here)
Thrifted wool top 
Review dress (worn underneath) - gifted from S 
Vintage Bally shoulder bag

Purple + dark green = another creepy matching combo pulled off by the both of us.  Stay tuned for S's outfit on Wednesday!

xx T


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  1. They are gorgeous! I have been coverting foresty-green footwear lately for some reason and these look perfect :)

    Shell xx


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