Quilted Blue

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Le Fanciulle (1 of 2).jpg

ASOS pleather bomber jacket
Benetton black top
AM Eyewear "Kami" sunglasses in bone

Photo 1 is of my new Asos pleather bomber!  Of course, eBay was being too good to be true when I bid on this "leather" jacket.  However, a bit of googling around later led to my discovery that I had paid for a fake leather jacket.  But as much as I despise P.U., this jacket fits rather well and has garnered a fair few positive responses!  So for now (until I stumble upon that perfect leather jacket), this one is a keeper.

Photo 2 is me wearing those Kami frames we featured last Monday.  This time in natural light and a bit less post-processed, for your 2-items/1-way enjoyment.  

xx T  


  1. Wow love this! I love the bone with the blue. Those sunglasses are so so so so good!

  2. Fake or not this comment is actually gorgeous - it fits you like it was made for you! I am in the market for the perfect black leather jacket. I have one but it doesnt have a collar so I need to keep looking. Here is to finding our perfect leathers ... soon :)

    Anna xo

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh I LOVE those SUNNIES! so good.... p.s. Sometimes pleather is better :)


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