Restyle: Batgirl

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Yelling "ZE BAT!" is obligatory when wearing these shorts.

DIY Details
The halter-neck top was originally a Sportsgirl t-shirt in pristine condition.  We like to cut things up on this blog, so it was transformed in to a perfectly slouchy halter-neck.
Dubbed the 'bat shorts', these were originally a pair of horrendously butt-tastic leather pants.  (the 'before' photos are lurking around on our Instagram feed today - @lefanciulle)

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Photos by Sab

DIY halter-neck top - Anglicare ($3)
DIY leather "bat" shorts - Salvos ($17.50 - half price!!)
DIY Miu Miu-Inspired pumps (see another post for better pics) - Salvos ($6.99)
Karen Walker Number One sunglasses (here)

xx T


  1. I believe you girls are the queens of DIY - the halter and leather shorts are amazing. You look super sleek T!

  2. This is so WONDERFUL! you just need a cape :) oh I want it!! Very impressed ladies these DIYs are great! Xox

  3. dude this is wonderful...i LOVE what you've done with the leather pants! xx

  4. Hi Dixie! I didn't know you followed these girls too - they're pretty cool hey.

    Must've been a pair of escaped cool cats from the zoo.

  5. Hey Rich! Of course I follow these girls- I wouldn't be Dixie if I didn't.

    Must be, and I think this bat (zis bat!) escaped at the same time.


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