Restyle: Camilla & Marc

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This Camilla & Marc "Wren" dress (as worn by Jess Stein of Tuula - one of Australia's superstar bloggers) was the inspiration for this look.

DIY Details
The halter-neck dress is not actually a dress! It was once a Sportsgirl top which was chopped into shape, and a beaded skirt which was de-beaded and rolled down because it was a couple of sizes too big (probably should have taken it in, but I was too lazy to do that).

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Photos by Sab

Sportsgirl t-shirt (refashioned into a halter-neck) - Anglicare ($3)
Navy skirt - Anglicare ($5)

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  1. T these photos are absolutely stunning. ABSOLUTELY. STUNNING.

  2. Seriously - you ladies have got some MAD DIY skills!! I'm absolutely loving each of your re-style posts and it's inspiring me to try to DIY something (although, I barely managed to sew a button back on my daughters jacket and then it came off in the next wash....oops...so maybe it's safer just admiring from afar haha) xx

    1. Aw thank you :) We love love love to do crafty projects just for our own enjoyment, but to hear you've been inspired to do some of your own makes it even better! Steph xx


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